Xing Yi Chuan

Click to watch Luo Lao Shi demonstrating Xing Yi’s five elements

Xing Yi Chuan or mind form boxing is passed down from the famous Chinese General Yue Fei. It teaches us how to use the body to train the mind and the mind to lead the body. It concentrates on stance work and keeping one’s structure so that the body can become a vessel for the mind. We teach Hebei style Xing Yi Chuan as passed down by Luo De Xiu through the Yi Zong System.

CLASSES Now Forming!

Mondays 8pm-9pm
At Wu Xing Kung Fu Academy
Cost- $70 a month!

We will work on using the five main plains of the body to develop structure, coordination, power, health, and Martial aptitude. Don’t just get fit get 5 element Fit!