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Five Element Teacher Training

Watch to See Master adept Luo De Xiu demonstration our Xing Yi Chuan

https://youtu.be/Ld3ek8i9pT4Xing Yi

Five Element Teacher Training

We are pleased to Announce we will be offering certification to teach the Five elements of Xing Yi at Wu Xing Martial Arts Academy in Millis, Massachusetts.

•This is Level 1 in the Certification Process. It will allow the practicioner, upon passing the test, to teach the five Elements and their linking forms.

•Although previous learners of the Five  Elememts will have an advantage, the training is designed as a stand alone complex and is open to anyone who wishes to teach the Five Elements. Please be advised that the recommended practice time in order to become certified should be no less than 1 hour daily, regardless of personal skill and in most cases needs to be double that.

•You may also Audit the course and skip the last section – the testing phase. Seminars will be blocked off into Four Seasons.

•Each Season will consist of Three Sections.

•There will be a practice test at the endof each Season to let the student know where they stand. Cost will be $100/ section.

First Season – Summer

Section 1 – July 22 – Saturday 3-6, 2017

Students will learn the basics of Xing Yi’s Five elements.

1. Standard Shape and Coordination.

2. Proper structure And Foot work basics.

3. Classic Application of the forms.

4. Basic Nei Gong

5. The History and Lineage of our Xing Yi

Section 2 – August – Saturday 3-6, 2017

1. Review the five elements

1. The Meditative Qualities of San Ti.

2. How to guide the students mind on where the Intention should be.

3. How to adjust the structure according to TCM theory for health.

Section 3 – September 23rd – Saturday 3-6, 2017

Linking Forms

1. Creative linking and what it means in Application

2. Destructive Linking and what it means in application.

October – Break For Luo Laoshi’s 2017 Seminars

Fall/ Winter Session

Section 1  – November, 2017 – Date to be announced

Introduction of Basic Animals

1. Review of Five Elements

2. Introduction to Hebei Xing Yi’s Tiger

•(The student may become certified in the twelve animals in the Level 2 certification which begins Fall 2018).

3. Application and health usage of Tiger.

Section 2 -December, 2017 – Date to be announced.

1. Review Five Elements

2. Introduction to Dragon Form

3. Application and health usage of Dragon

Section 3 – January, 2018- Date to be announced

1. Review Five Elements

2. Introduction to Bear Form

3. Application and Health Usage of Bear.

Winter / Spring season

Section 1 – February, 2018 – Date to be announced.

1. Review Five Elements

2. Progressive stepping in Application.

3. How to use your movement to drive your Intent and Your Intent to drive your movement.

Section 2 – March, 2018 – Date to be announced

1. Review Five Elements

2. Flanking.

3. Flanking with progressive stepping.

4. Progressive stepping in order to Flank.

Section 3 – April, 2018 – Date to be announced

1. Review Five Elements

2. Standardized Method on how to spar using the Five Elements.

3. How to Teach Sparring step by step.

Spring/Summer Season

Section 1-May, 2018 -Date to be announced

1. Review Five Elements

2. Partner Teaching

3. Process of how to teach step by step

4. How to teach for health regarding TCM.

5. Basic body work to releive issues from training.

Section 2 – June, 2018 – Date to be announced

Trainees will need to bring a partner of their Choosing (this section is free for the partner) and coach them through the Five Elements their applications and the linking forms. I will assign each Trainee a role in leading the class. I will observe the trainee’s demeanor, dedication to teaching and problem solving skills. I will give an analysis to each trainee at the end of the Section.

Section 3. Test Section – July, 2018 -Date to be announced.

Each Trainee will be given time to test their knowledge of the system. Failure to adequately demonstrate the system, or to answer my questions correctly will place the trainee on reserve status. At the time that they choose they can retake the test in a Private session with me.

Fall 2018- a new yearly certification cycle will begin. This Level 2 Certification will be to teach the Twelve animals of Hebei Xing Yi.

For More information or to reserve your space contact us at yzbgne@gmail.com